Next Generation Bitcoin Mining

Introducing North America’s newest and largest Bitcoin mining facility located in Mojave California.
Plouton Bitcoin Mining is revolutionizing hosting with clean energy at reduced cost.

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Hosting Reservation & ASIC Miner Sales

Executed on Smart Contract, Blockchain Registered, & Fully Transferable

Plouton provides full ownership reduced electricity cost facilities in California for your Bitcoin miners

How Plouton Bitcoin Mining Sales and Hosting Works

How it works

  • How does our miner hosting work?
  • Do I own the miner(s) I purchase?
  • Can I transfer the ownership of the miner or hosting?
  • Where was the above video filmed?
With the purchase of your smart hosting contract, you receive a full year of hosting for 1, next generation Bitcoin ASIC miner and up to 2,000 watts of electricity at a deeply discounted rate. Your hosting contract is 'all inclusive' and covers miner maintenance, electricity, etc. All work is performed at no-charge while under warranty. Upon warranty expiration, you will only be charged for parts.
Absolutely! In addition, you receive priority status to purchase the next generation 7nm Bitcoin ASIC miner. Upon purchase your miner will be shipped directly to our facility however, upon request miners can be shipped directly to you (shipping and handling fees apply).
Absolutely! You own the equipment and hosting contract. All transactions are Smart Contract based and securely registered on the blockchain. You can, at any time, transfer your smart contract to a 3rd party (transfer fees apply).
The land in the video is the actual 50 acres we own in Mojave, California. It is also the future home of Plouton Bitcoin Mining, North America's largest solar powered Bitcoin and Bitcash mining facility.

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True Renewable-Energy-Powered BTC Mining

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The current bitcoin mining model is simply unsustainable, requiring massive amounts of energy produced by carbon emitting fossil fuels and delivered on outdated and aging power grids. Plouton Bitcoin Mining is the answer.

With the launch of a new solar-powered bitcoin mining operation located in Mojave California, Plouton Bitcoin Mining will revolutionize hosting, delivering low-cost clean energy to 5,000 next generation ASIC miners.

Plouton Bitcoin Mining will offer all-inclusive Smart Contracts with no additional hidden cost, providing everything you need for safe and reliable mining, including priority positioning for the next-generation ASIC miners.

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